You’re My Hero

Can you write about Gaga being on set of Chicago Fire and filming her cameo and being all cute with Taylor? -Anonymous

I just finished it today. I know I haven’t posted in a long time and I’m really sorry for that. I’m gonna try hard to write this weekend, since it’s my last weekend before I start University. After that I don’t know how often I’ll be on, or if I’ll be on at all. It really depends on the workload I get but I promise I’ll try hard.


Lieutenant Kelly Severide is left in the burning hotel in the single large suite on the top floor. His mask becomes slightly foggy as he breathes out. All he could see in the darkness were flames surrounding him, burning the room’s walls, floors and furniture.

“FIFTY-ONE CALL OUT,” he shouts.

He waits a few seconds. Suddenly, a faint sound reaches his ears. He can’t hear it clearly but he tries to follow it anyway. After taking a few more steps he could make it out. It’s a faint cry.


The lieutenant turns around and finds one of his partners next to him too. They both follow the voice and find themselves in the hallway, surrounded by large flames.

“HELP,” the voice shouts.

Severide and his partner, Peter Mills turn the corner and find the emergency staircase, just in front of it, wooden beams enclosed by flames and just under that, a girl crying for help. She’s trying to move around to get herself out and her breath is short. Quickly, Peter and Kelly get to work, getting the beams off to rescue the woman trapped underneath. They’re almost done, until Severide hears something else. It’s Chief Boden communicating through the walkie.


The two find themselves incredibly pressed for time. They can’t leave without the girl. But they may not make it out on time if they try. Immediately Severide orders, “MILLS, GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE BUILDING I’LL TAKE CARE OF HER!” The young squad member resists at first, but as Severide is about to remove the last beam off the young girl another comes crashing down behind them, making her scream. Severide orders Mills to get out of the building before scooping the woman up off the floor.

“I’m gonna die,” she says in a panic.

“HEY! You’re not going to die. Hold on tight I’m gonna get you out, I promise.” With that, he rushes down and makes it out just in time. He dives out of the building and lands on the road with the woman still in his arms as the hotel crumbles down.

“CUT,” the director shouts. “PERFECT! I LOVE IT! WAY TO GO GUYS!”


The rest of the cast applauds Taylor and Gaga for doing such an amazing job. They’re still both on the ground on their sides. Taylor’s arm is wrapped around his girlfriend’s waist and his blue eyes meet her green ones. She’s so beautiful to him. Gaga smiles back at her boyfriend and giggles.

“Oh you saved me Taylor. Thank you you’re my hero,” she jokes. Taylor laughs and kisses her lips gently. Then he picks her up and spins her around, making her squeal and laugh. The rest of the cast laughs and ‘awes’ at how cute they are. Finally he puts his girlfriend down and the director decides it’s time for a small break so everyone heads to the firehouse to hang out for a little while.

Gaga lights up every time they’re at the firehouse. She loves when Taylor takes her on little tours and she enjoys seeing all the different rooms where they tape the episodes. Now she’s just admiring the large trucks in the garage and smiles, remembering some of the scenes of Taylor driving in them. She turns around to realize everyone’s watching her look at the fire trucks and ambulance and then blushes a little. They can tell she’s a bit shy.

“Do you wanna see the inside of the trucks,” Jesse Spencer asks her.

“Can I,” the tiny brunette asks.

“Of course. You can do whatever you want,” David Eigenberg says. The guys open the door and help her up into the truck, since she’s so little. The truck is very spacious inside. Everyone has room to walk around a little. Gaga takes Taylor’s hand in her two little ones and walks with him. He smiles at his adorable girlfriend.

“Liking the truck Stef,” he asks. Gaga smiles back at him and nods.

“There’s more. The back has tons of stuff.”

“This is actually where Taylor sits,” Jesse adds. Gaga’s smile grows wider. She’s so proud of her boyfriend being an actor in a big show and playing an important firefighter. “It is,” she asks, her jaw dropping. Tay invites her to sit in his seat and the guys put his firefighter’s helmet on her head and giggle. Taylor finds her so cute; she’s like a little kid.

“Here, take a picture,” she says and hands her phone over to Taylor.

“No hang on, Taylor get in the picture with her, I’ll take it,” Jesse answers. He lets his friend stand behind his girlfriend and wrap his arms around her tiny body before pressing the little button on her iPhone.

“It came out great.”

“Aw. Jessie it’s so cute. Gaga you need to text it to me,” Lauren interrupts, making everyone laugh.

“ME TOO,” Monica adds. “And by the way, Dick says we need to go back to filming in a bit so you guys need to start getting ready.”

With that, everyone changes and the girls get their hair and makeup touched up before meeting at the garage.

“Okay, so since this should be an easy scene, we’ll do it and get it out of the way,” Dick tells the cast. “So we need Gaga to stand right here in the driveway. Taylor, just sit at the squad table, act like she’s not there. Remember, Severide’s not expecting her to come to the house.” The squad sits at the table, including Taylor, and Gaga stands outside, just a few feet from the garage door.



The woman walks into the firehouse while the guys are pretending to play cards and joke around.

“Severide,” Mills calls and cocks his head upward. Kelly turns around to find the girl from the hotel fire making her way into the firehouse. She’s having some trouble walking.

“Oh, here let me help you.” The lieutenant helps her into the house and offers her his seat. “So, what can I do for you babe? … Oh no, wait-”



Everyone laughs, including Taylor. Gaga sits back in the chair and cracks up too.

“Tay, if you’re gonna call my character ‘babe’ at least take her out on a date first,” she says.

Taylor laughs at her remark and then blushes. Gaga loves it and she can’t help but want to kiss him. So she sits straight in the chair, takes his face in her tiny hands and presses her lips to his. The tickling sensation of his stubble on her face makes her laugh once again.

“Okay since the beginning was perfect we’ll just start at where Taylor messed up,” says Dick. So everyone gets into position to film the rest of the scene.


It’s the end of the day and everyone is done filming their scenes for the new episode. The cast is hanging out around the house, joking around and laughing. But then they notice Gaga’s missing.

“Taylor, where’s your girlfriend,” Jeff Hephner asks.

“No idea,” he answers.

“I’m right here. Taylor sweetie get off the table,” Gaga laughs. Out of nowhere, Joe Minoso comes running in.


Everyone gets up and follows him in excitement. The editors worked pretty quickly considering the cast had only finished filming that same day. Gaga follows Taylor into a room filled with screens to join the rest of the cast. The group of actors gathers around Dick Wolf’s chair, staring at the large screen in front of him as he presses ‘Play.’ One of the scenes they finished is one with Taylor carrying Gaga out of a burning hotel. It’s an action packed scene as the building is about to come tumbling down and Severide jumps and dives out of the building, landing face down with the woman he saved still in his arms and lying next to him. A loud crashing noise sends vibrations across the room. Then the injured young lady tries to keep calm as she is being placed on a stretcher, under the care of Shay and Dawson.

“Aw, look how cute you guys are. I swear that dive though; it’s like a scene from a superhero movie,” Lauren comments. Everyone laughs together.

“Well, what can I say,” Gaga replies. Then she turns to Taylor, putting her hand and head on his shoulder and then looks into his gorgeous blue eyes. “He’s my hero.”


Hope you liked it. I’m working on another oneshot. Happy Thursday lovelies!
~Anissa. xoxo


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