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TAYGA: Captivated

Okay so on my fanfic page, the reason I’m putting this fic so close with “You’re My Love Now” is because this is technically like the Epilogue of it, but you don’t necessarily have to have read “You’re My Love Now” to understand this one. So you can treat it as like a simple date fic. I made it short and sweet. I’ve been writing just a little bit every day and today I got a lot more time to write on the train back from Venice. I’m in Rome now, and I’ll be here until Saturday. Then I’ll most likely do some more fic writing on the flight home. As for “Something About Baby You & I,” I still need more time to plan the next chapter out properly before I can actually start writing it and I think I have a new chapter fic on its way soon. Enjoy!


“Babe, how much more walking, I can feel my heels getting grassy and muddy. I can’t see,” a blindfolded Gaga laughs as Taylor guides her around.

“Just a few more steps. Okay, stay there a sec.” He walks away for a moment. Gaga hears a switch and her fiancés footsteps getting louder, approaching her. He heads behind her and his fingers untie the knot in back of her head. She sees the fabric fall from her face and just in front of her lies the most beautiful and romantic space she’s ever seen in her life. It’s very big and open. There are tall shrubs surrounding it with a white gazebo smack in the middle, wrapped in chords of little yellow lights that fall between the posts. A little park table is nearby as well, perfectly set with food on it. All is dispersed evenly. Everything makes Gaga feel so emotional, recalling what had happened earlier that day; how she gave him crap after he had done all of this for her. Tears form in her eyes.

“Hey…” He gives a light giggle and wraps his arm around her and pulls her close when he sees her on the verge of crying. “Don’t cry I spent so long setting this up for you to be happy.” Gaga giggles through her tears as her body is brought to his. He holds her tight for a bit and wipes her tears. “Let’s eat something. I know you like spaghetti.”


“Thanks so much babe. This is amazing,” Gaga says as she takes another sip of red wine. “I swear this is the best spaghetti I’ve had in my life.” They keep talking for a while until she hears something. It sounds like a really familiar piece of music, definitely a melody that can only come from a piano. But she can’t recognize it yet; the sound is faint. Taylor gets up and offers his hand to her. She takes it and he walks her toward the lit gazebo. Once in it, the melody is louder and clearer. Immediately, she can recognize it and becomes teary-eyed again when she figures it out. “Taylor…” He smiles and holds her close as he begins to dance with her under the lights and the stars.

One look and I’m done…
One glance from your eyes and I’m Captivated
The taste of your skin
The warmth of your hungry lips
Has me so taken
And I love the way you can make me dance
From miles away
When I’m with you I’m so sedated
I’m captivated by you.

Both of them are smiling. Taylor takes her hand in his and raises it to make her twirl.

You’re just like the wind
Cause everything moves when you’re around it
The sun is just like the sound of
Your voice in the morning when you light my world up
And I love the way you can make me dance from miles away

Gaga spins around toward her lover and continues dancing with him.

When I’m with you I’m never jaded
I’m captivated
Oh, I’ll never stop believing
In this crazy love we’re leading
Sugar, hold me closer
Make me sweeter
I need ya
I love you.

Taylor wraps his arm around the waist of his future wife, and pulls her miniature body close to his. Their faces are almost touching and their eyes are locked into a romantic gaze. As the song continues, Gaga gently closes her eyes and smiles as the man she loves makes her body move with his. He smiles very wide too.

So please, give me that smile
Make me laugh for just a little while
And breathe me one breath
I only need one to fill the emptiness.
And I love the way you can make me dance
From miles away

The actor takes her hand and makes her twirl multiple times and then spin in towards his body. He puts the palms of his hands on her hips to make her body stop turning and stares into her stunning green eyes. Gaga looks up at his blue ones that make her heart skip several beats. They stay that way, staring their future in the eye.

It’s been so long but now I’ve waited
And I’m captivated….


Yes I had to use Captivated. I was literally listening to it on repeat the other day and got super inspired :P Anyway I know it’s short but I hope you like it. It was fun to write.

Have a great Saturday
-Anissa xoxo


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